Important question for any Start Up. 

My suggestion to any #StartUp is find answer to the following question.  “Who Will Pay (Identify customer and consumer), For What (The Problem) and How much, for your Solution “. This will solve many confusions.

Mentoring #StartUps in a #Hackathon to design #FinTech solutions to solve real life financial problems. I Was Amazed to see the thought process and the creative ways these youngsters used, to solve issues and design products.
The solutions ranged from #P2P lending,  #MerchantBilling and #Payment solution, #PersonalFinance Management,  #Blockchain based Contract Execution and management, and #InternetOfThings based solution. 

Its important to see who is the target segment before choosing any tool and methods for Product design. Are we using a tool which can contribute to solve the problem or using it just because we know about it.

Offer the solution suited for the TG, hence Keep the customers’ #PersonnaMap in the Mind while designing any product.

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