New Age Banking

Digital Transformation and New Age Banking,  by Piyush Singh at IMT Ghaziabad. 

Thank You Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad  IMT Ghaziabad  for being a wonderful audience and a great host. 

#NewAgeBanking will Disrupt the traditional banks and their approach of providing banking services. We already have enough digital tools for #DigitalTransformation, we just need to stitch the solutions and deliver a easy to use product which is compliant to extant rules.

Role of a #FinTech company is to Simplify the Regulations and Complex application processes in an easy, intuitive and data based methods, so that #Compliances are met and Consumers are not lost in the lengthy forms. Banks who were reluctant to open up their doors for innovation and new ideas are designing fancy mobile applications and reaching out directly to consumers with their own applications.

Competition is growing and #CostPressure is increasing. Does going directly to consumer fetch better margins for banks while cutting down the intermediaries and #FinTech companies? 

Please Share Your Thoughts…

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