#HealthTech and #FinTech must Marry now. HealthTech is the next biggest beneficiary of Digitalisation..

#HealthTech and #FinTech must meet now.  I think healthcare will be the next Biggest beneficiary of FinTech services. It has a huge potential to convert Cash to Digital.
There are few #Structural issues which will not allow this to happen at a faster pace, while few issues are natural,  few are created for ease and benefits.
Biggest challenge for #Digitalisation is not education, Infrastructure etc,  its the People involved in the system,  or the System itself and the fear of #Transparency#LostControl, Resistance to change etc.
So more than “Skill its the Will Issue”.
Though I am happy to see many HealthTech companies have come up to digitise records, bookings etc,  but large number of bills are still paid in Cash. What could be the reasons?
Why FinTechs have not been able to crack this? Why #HealthTech is still in a nascent stage,  why #Disruption is not happening in an industry which serves the basic need?
As far as I know Healthcare and Medicines have good profit margins so they should not complaint of high MDR etc.

Please share your thoughts on the Alliance of #HealthTech and #FinTech.

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