Fintech & Payments

FinTech will Stay for Long, Don’t Worry..

Why “#FinTech is here to Stay for Long” and Payments will Evolve bringing Ease, Efficiency and widen its base for under served population. FinTech start ups have taken some profit share of banks but ultimately the settlements will happen between Bank 2 Bank, unless #Blockchain. There are still huge number of Merchants who are not part of digital ecosystem and availing “Business Loan, Cash Management, and business Record Keeping” are pain areas for them. FinTech aims to solve these issues which are mammoth due to their own complications. FinTech will now Touch/Disrupt other financial systems like #MFIs, #Insurance, #Mutual Funds, #SeamlessInvestment, #Travel, and will spread itself beyond Banking. The opportunity is huge and the Statement by biggies, that “#FinTechBubblewillBurstSoon” doesn’t seem to be true in the near future.. #FinTechIsHereToStay

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