Assistance to Manipulation :Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Emotion, Artificial Loyalty too?

#Assistance to #Manipulation. ” I Am VERY MUCH Afraid”, of the #Robots#Programmers#ArtificialIntelligence phenomenon gaining importance.
It will make us think less and rely more on the System and Machines like our servants.  But are we sure all the servants will be #Trustworthy to us and not to their #Parents i. e Companies,  Developers,  Programmers and will not #Manipulate our behaviours and actions in favour of their Parents?
A Machine can understand what we #Say or #Write  but vice versa will not be possible hence programmers will decide who will do what.  Can assistance will gradually lead to manipulating the human beings, similar to what #Search engines do when we search for any service i. e they show us things as per their algorithms than our priorities. After all machines will know a lot about us more than our #Family members too. And if #FinTech and payments get involved then concern increases manyfold.

#ArtificialIntelligence will have #ArtificialEmotions,  and may be #ArtificialLoyalty too…

Please pour your thoughts and help many like me to come out of this fear…

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