Aadhar, AUA, ASA, E-KYC, FinTech

Increased Use of E-KYC post New RBI, PPI guidelines. AUA & ASAs will reap the Benefit..

Post New #RBI #PPI Guideline, My take is that #E-KYC as service will grow and biggest beneficiary will be Authentication User Agency (AUA) and Authentication Service Agency (ASA).
We shall find more #Applicants for AUA and ASA licensce. This may push the #Licensce fee upwards,  Higher #Entry barriers,  Tougher #Regulations for new Applicants..
Currently there are fewer players in the Market offering e-KYC as service but like #Payments this will also become an integrated services and can be extended as add on charged features by #FinTech companies. This constitutes one of the #PaymentPlus service I have been talking about in my previous posts..

Heard Booking #International flight needs #Aadhar.  Do we have more use cases??

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