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IndiaStack and FinTech Revolution..

#IndiaStack and #FinTech revolution. I will try to Analyse how IndiaStack will/is changing the way we #Transact. Allow me to pick up the #PresenceLess layer for Today’s analysis. Aadhar has made it possible to verify a Person for Financial & Non-Financial services remotely which has resulted in Cost & Time saving, reduced TAT for service delivery hence Quick Delivery, in turn Leading to #FasterRotation of Money in the economy. It becomes important for Financial service delivery. Most of the Telcos and Few other BC companies are #AUA, KUA & ASA, #KSA, Can they become Authentication partners for Insurance & Other financial service providers (FSP)& Banks through their owned Stores (CoCo). This will reduce per customer serving cost for FSPs, and give added revenue stream to #Telcos. We have the Infrastructure for Presenceless layer, we need #Distribution partners and Connect the dots. #IndiaPostOffice is a potential partner for Rural areas and many companies have already approached them. A detailed #Strategy can be designed on this.. Your Thoughts Please..

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