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Penetrating in Rural Areas is a Better Strategy than skimming Urban Market.

Why “Penetrating in Rural Areas” is a Better Strategy than skimming Urban Market. For both #Long & #Short term strategy.. How to do It ? – #AskAndDesign not #DesignAndForce 1. High recall value for the First movers 2. Less competition as there are very few companies who wants to do the tough work 3. #BrandStickiness 4. Low cost of Channel Maintainance, may be higher profits 5. Low negotiation of Customers (Porter’s Strategy) 6. You can win with lesser Add on Freebies customers 7. Customers value, #Service First #Cashback later 8. Businesses are more driven on #Emotional relations in these locations than pure Business and ROIs 9. Customers prefer “People First than Technology” so if you have on boarded right people you have won the game halfway 10. You can afford to have few glitches because here people have inertia to shift providers due to less knowledge or More Trust on People 11. Businesses have #RefferedTrust than actual, so BTL and Word of Mouth will work better which is a #LowCostMarketing. 12. There are many more I can list. However would appreciate if you can add more to it. #FinTech4BoP, #Fortune@BoP, #GoRural for Long term Profit Strategy…. #FinTech, #Payments,

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