Fintech & Payments, P2P

Offline to Online P2P Lending

Can we Digitise the “Offline P2P LENDING” ? An individual lender gets access to a CRM by a company which in turn charges a small fee for automating the collect payment from borrowers’ account on pre-set frequency, obviously powered by a bank. “The credit Risk exposure is with Individual as in current situation the platform will just manage the process (In future the Platform can report to Credit rating companies)” The company will send automatic reminder SMS to borrowers and the lender can set the frequency of repayment from Week, Month, fortnight and interest as per the agreed rates. The lender gets the payment automatically in the account and gets a reminder for defaulters which he can then follow up with as he does currently. The CRM will also help a lender to generate an AUTOMATIC agreement instantly which he can print and share. This solution may or may not work for RURAL people but there is a need for such product in other segments too.

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