Fintech & Payments

Is Payment the Lowest Hanging Fruit for Fintech?

As I always say #Payment is the Lowest hanging fruit for a FinTech company hence margins have also gone down. To offer #PaymentPlus+, Services to an Entity(B2B2C) or Individual (B2C), FinTech companies must start focussing on #Investment Products, #Lending, & #Insurance, (High Commission Products), else Survival will be tough in coming days… “#Insurance & #MutualFund Investments” are two High Potential but lowest penetrated financial Services. What could be the reasons that its not catching the soul of most of the FinTechs? Do we Need Something similar to #NPCI, which can change the face of these industries and Open up a bit more so that FinTech can experiment easily? Or, Is it low because of the Following: Lack of #Access, #Awareness, #FinancialLiteracy, Wrong Need Assessment, Hard to Change the Status Quo etc…

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