Bottom of the Pyramid, Financial Inclusion, Fintech & Payments

FinTech “Go To BoP (Bottom of the Pyramid) Strategy

FinTech “Go To BoP (Bottom of the Pyramid) Strategy”. Most of the Fintech companies are just scratching the surface in Metros and at Max tier 2 cities, where price war has already started and game is about few BPS only. True that cost of reaching above segment is lesser due to high literacy, people already using digital mode etc. However the fortune is still at the BoP, if you reach there you, will be able to “Protect your squeezing margins” and ‘Innovation’ will reach where it is most needed. #RealMeaningofFinancialInclusion — Allow me some time to come up with a Product Concept which can prove a Win-Win situation for Both Business and Customers —- People & Companies working in the domain, please share your work so that together we can create something for those who currently do not look Lucrative to Companies. #FinTech4Poor #FinTech4BoP

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